New effective and inexpensive tool
to communicate with customers.
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New Facebook Marketing Tool. Get Your New Messenger Bot Employee.

He does not need the salary, accommodation, food and holidays. Works 24 hours a day without days off and lunch breaks.
He always knows how to respond quickly without errors to your customers and provides them with all the necessary information.

He works in mobiles, tablets and PC

New bot employee will work in facebook messenger. Customers can interact with him as well as from your facebook page and from your website.

Able to answer all questions

Clients and customers want to know: the price of your services and products, discounts and promotions, bookings, to see the photos of the goods, find your phone or location and much more. Now your robot bot will answer all these questions and requests.

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Before bot begins to communicate with customers, it is necessary to teach a bot and provide information.

List of Requests

How much..? What is the price..? Discounts? Do you have a delivery? Where is your office? Show me the menu, etc.

List of Answers

Options and types of responses adjusted basis of your need: text, pictures and links, number of levels.

Keyword Groups

All versions of client requests must be divided on the subject: prices, services, menu, offers, etc.

Matches Setting

Bot answers will match keywords and phrases from the list of client requests.

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When the bot receives a first request from a client, bot directly answers to contact. The process of communication is very simple and clear.


After the first client request it is logical to show the greeting and prompt.


For customers the info can be displayed apart, lists and menu.


Depends on you only how detailed should be answer.


Bot can communicate in any language, even in Esperanto.

Text, Photo, Links

Displays answers in the form of text, photos, links and their combinations.

No Limits

The amount of info for the issuance of the bot replies is unlimited.

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You need the Bot if you want to please the customer and do not miss the purchase or request. You need the Bot If your customers are among the 2 billion users of Facebook.

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Restaurant, Hotel, Club

Ordinary customer requests: prices, menu, booking, delivery and address.

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Medicine, Health, Beauty

Ordinary customer requests: working hours, booking, service and address.

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Rent a Car, Any Service

Ordinary customer requests: choosing cars with prices and pictures, service.

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Retail and Brands

Ordinary customer requests: new products photo, sale and price

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Events and Exhibitions

Ordinary customer requests: agenda, phone number, location.

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Real Estate

Ordinary customer requests: rent, sale, district, photo of objects, phone agent.

How Do We Start?

Words, Keywords, Lists

Together with you we will make a list of queries, groups, keywords and phrases.

Your Page in Facebook

To set up the bot, we need access to your page in Facebook as an administrator.


After starting the bot in the demo mode, we will request approval for publication in the Facebook.

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No doubt this is a completely new tool for interaction with customers. Someday it will be replaced by full-fledged business assistant with artificial intelligence, but our business can not wait that long :)


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Messenger Bot is a completely new service on the market and, accordingly, we still have few customers. We hope that you will soon appear in this section.

Mr. X

New Company
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Messenger Bot is a completely new service on the market and, accordingly, we still have few customers. We hope that you will soon appear in this section.

Mr. Y

New Company


We will be happy to answer all your questions.

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